Well, here you have it: A small lounge chair on wheels. Vrooom! is the roaring sound made by a motor at high speed. Ironically, this chair doesn’t have a motor, and it’s quite unlikely you will ever reach very high speeds with it, but who knows.

We would like to think of this one as a decent daily driver. It was never meant to be a great handling street machine as the driver sits on top of the chair, making for a high center of gravity. The horsepower rating is not exactly earth-shattering, and it has less torque than a baby turning a hand wrench. However, it will help you get from point A to point B easier than ever before. Especially those times when you really have to bring your lounge chair.

Now you can effectively transport tired friends and co-workers within and around the office premises. Vrooom! has a max weight carrying capacity of around 200 KG, assuming level floors and fair distribution of cargo.


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W 580 D 950 H 940 S 450

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Design By

Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


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Colors & Finishes

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