N.A.P. 3.0

Neuron Activation Pod is actually some next level sci-fi stuff. Equipped with groundbreaking Finnish health technology, this pod is a giant leap towards the office of the future. In recent years, many companies have started to realize the benefits of health and wellbeing in the workplace. Napping in the office has been actively encouraged in many workplaces for some time now, while different types of sleeping pods and silent capsules have been introduced on the market. A quick powernap can greatly improve employee concentration and productivity. N.A.P. is not only a silent capsule or a traditional sleep pod. This pod helps you sleep better but it will also help you relax and recover, depending on which program you choose. It effectively decreases work related stress and ease pain.

This is the 3rd generation Neuron Activation Pod. It has received a bunch of upgrades and improvements, both functional and visual.

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Instead of organizations investing in expensive wellness initiatives, maybe they could put their faith in technology? Good looking and great working technology. Some people say this product even helps to ease hangovers, but that is still to be proven scientifically.
The technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation, very low frequency sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. Stimulation is extremely relaxing both physically and mentally. It is a research based proven and safe treatment with no side effects. The treatment brings a new dimension to fixing stress based symptoms. The treatment is used to enhance quality of sleep, to ease stress, muscle tensions and swelling. It activates metabolism and assists in both physical and mental recovery.

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Product Name

Neuron Activation Pod 3.0


W 2100 D 780 H 1480

Product Category


Product Code




Design By

Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


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Product Sheet

The product sheet will probably contain everything you could possibly want to know about this product.

Colors & Finishes

Take a closer look at all the colors and finishes for metal and wood. Other colors available for projects.

Colors & Finishes

Care Instructions

Do you think you can put a Space Chicken in the washing machine? Think again. Learn how to remove beer stains from upholstery.

Care Instructions

Fabric List

A list of fabrics that look awesome and are suitable for upholstering our products. Other fabrics available for projects.

Fabric List

CAD Objects

Download digital objects for Revit, Archicad, Sketchup etc. You’ll find the complete CAD library on the downloads page.

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Download the most important documents like manuals, test reports and certificates for this product.

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