Neuron Activation Pod

Neuron Activation Pod is actually some next level sci-fi stuff. Equipped with groundbreaking Finnish health technology, this pod is a giant leap towards the office of the future. This is not only a silent capsule or a traditional sleep pod.

The Neuron Activation Pod transmits very low frequency vibrations in the body. The technology promotes the body’s natural healing abilities, especially through the quality and power of sleep. The technology mechanically guides the user into a meditation-like state. The vibration directly affects the autonomic nervous system, so the mind does not have to make an effort to relax. The mechanisms of the nervous system are activated, and stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety, sleep disorders and, according to customer experiences, also pain are relieved. The preventive effect takes care of you every day.

Different effects are achieved in different power ranges. Vibration helps an athlete or an individual experiencing work-related stress to recover faster, and activation programmes prepare the body for future performance by increasing alertness. 

The relaxation treatment is suitable for all ages and is safe to use. For instance, pacemakers, pain stimulators, and artificial metal joints do not prevent the use of Neuron Activation Pod.

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You can use the Neuron Activation Pod’s integrated touchscreen to easily select ready 10-40 minute programmes for relaxation, activation or recovery. Take a powernap in the middle of a busy day or choose a relaxation programme for sleep problems or stress. You can use activation programmes to boost your metabolism, increase your alertness, or warm up your muscles. Recovery programmes are ideal after sports or for reducing swelling, for example.

All programmes promote sleep quality and contribute to both physical and mental recovery. The effects are individual, and regular use yields the best results.

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Fully upholstered. Black castors as standard. Delivered with integrated technology, integrated touch screen and headphones. Product delivered with 1,5m cable. Headrest and footrest in black leather as standard. Removable and changeable cushions and headrest.

Please keep in mind that this product is delivered fully assembled. Due to its size, it may not be suitable for locations with narrow door openings, staircases or small elevators. However, it can be disassembled into three smaller modules. Remember to check the dimensions before ordering this product. Available with an optional, fixed privacy screen.

Product Name

Neuron Activation Pod


W 2090 D 790 H 1480

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Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


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Neuron Activation Pod

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