What do you get if you combine nicely upholstered seats with engineered wood-based panels, pipework, exposed screws, a potato and a frog? This question has baffled scientists for decades. However, if both the potato and the frog were to be left out of the equation, you would probably end up with something very similar to the Cargo product family. Or perhaps a poorly built summer house.

The Cargo product family consists of chairs, sofas, a meeting space and a daybed. The daybed has built-in technology that will help you fix stress-based symptoms, recharge and enhance the quality of your sleep. You can use these products to create secluded privacy areas in lounges, offices and public spaces. The OSB wall panels are high enough to provide a visually secluded cover from surrounding movement, while low enough to see over while standing.

Cargo’s raw and industrial vibes will transform the entire mood of any space. The product family is available with a bunch of accessories, like tables, numbering plates and coat racks.


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Product Name

Cargo Daybed


W 800 D 2250 H 1250 S 420

Product Category


Product Code

406DNS / 406D



Design By

Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


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Product Sheet

The product sheet will probably contain everything you could possibly want to know about this product.

Colors & Finishes

Take a closer look at all the colors and finishes for metal and wood. Other colors available for projects.

Colors & Finishes

Care Instructions

Do you think you can put a Space Chicken in the washing machine? Think again. Learn how to remove beer stains from upholstery.

Care Instructions

Fabric List

A list of fabrics that look awesome and are suitable for upholstering our products. Other fabrics available for projects.

Fabric List

CAD Objects

Download digital objects for Revit, Archicad, Sketchup etc. You’ll find the complete CAD library on the downloads page.

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