We believe that all the things
we surround ourselves with
can have a story to tell.

It’s up to you to give the
products a new meaning.

Think about some of the greatest moments of your life


Within the noise of data, a lot of players in the industry lost their own voice. By simply relying to numbers, many forgot to listen to their gut. While consumers are constantly looking for something different, even innovators lack the courage to break the norm.

We say: screw that. In an industry where money dictates what gets to be made, we make what we want. We don’t follow rules, we follow the inspiration – whether it comes during a design meeting or on a sauna bench. Because we are not furniture makers, we are storytellers. We’re here to harness the power of storytelling into a still object. In addition to having a purpose, our products have a personality.

So go: think about some of the greatest moments of your life. That first kiss on an office sofa, sitting down to your chair after nailing a pitch, grabbing a mojito from the table at the secret afterwork party…you know, the moments that create the true value of your environment. Because in the end, the worth of a product is not in the name of who designed it, but in all the stories you share with it.

We measure our worth as LoOok in the stories we get to share with you.

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